Safe Arrival

3 06 2007

We´ve arrived in Antigua! Flights were no problem, weather is great and the colors on the buildings/textiles/clothing are fantastic. We managed to get out of a 4 a.m. bus departure tomorrow morning; instead, we finagled a deal and are getting to sleep until 6. A real coup.

I will say that my only other interesting tidbit are the number of American couples my age that I have seen strolling around with their new Guatemalan babies. I think we saw six in our first hour. A disconcerting sight, especially because I know there are mixed feelings in Guatemala about the process and/or the concept.

I´m using a mixture of Italian and Spanish which is accomplishing some things (see earlier mention of coup). It´s probably also causing a fair amount of confusion.

Off to the mountain school where the nearest internet is ten miles away. Be well, everybody.



One response

6 06 2007

Glad to hear that your safe and sound. I like the idea of this blog and am in full support. I know by now you’re in the remote mountains learning Spanish, but you’ll get this eventually. And I can’t wait to hear more!
So far no news from back home worthy of report…except that there is an ADORABLE new puppy (Baily) in Somerville who is taking much of our friends’ time and energy. Oh and I’m cooking pasta every night for dinner…I hope that’s not the only thing I picked up from Italia! Be well. xoxo

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