These are a few of my favorite things…

19 06 2007

People here always greet each other in the street. Friendliness is underrated in the States…

Fresh corn tortillas.

This country happens to be gorgeous…stunningly beautiful. Lush, mountainous, and dramatic. Who knew?

The phrase for giving birth is “Dar en Luce,” which basically means “to give light.” My sister will give light in November, for example.

There are many little girls here named Yoseline. I fit right in.

I am average, if not a little tall, here. It´s a lovely change.

My hiking boots. So necessary. Thank you to my packing consultants. They are without a doubt the best thing I have…waterproof and able to traverse the crazy paths people here call trails.

Guatemalans love ice cream as much as people in Boston.

My teacher is about as loca as I am, which means our five hours go by in a blink. She appreciates all my jokes and plays on words in Spanish, whether they make sense or not.

Remembering what it feels like to learn a language.

One of my nonfavorite things is that it is really difficult to upload photos here. The computers are SLOW! I am working on it! Here are a few…most did not make it on the page!

Go to this link to see my slow progress in uploading photos. If anyone has any bright ideas, please send them my way!



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