Yo soy la ganadora

21 06 2007

 Every day in Spanish class, I get the challenge…I like to think of it as a challenge…to create sentences using the ¨verb tense of the day.¨It is an unspoken game my teacher and I play, much like a staring contest. My goal is to create a series of sentences that will make my teacher burst out laughing. Her goal is to simply shrug at my craziness, often muttering, ¨Chiquita Locita.¨

The truth is, I usually win….which has led me to learn many phrases in Spanish which proclaim my victory and dominance. One is featured above.

Yesterday was a full-out victory. Using my past participles, I started with: ¨You have never met anyone like me before.¨

Ana simply lost it. ¨That,¨she finally gasped, ¨is the truth.¨

My time in Xela is coming to a close, and I am heading to different mountains and a new school on Sunday. It´s the first part of my voyage that is both completely solo and unplanned, which feels both exciting and a little scary. I have found a school in a place called Todos Santos, which is supposed to be one of the more traditional towns, filled with Mayan culture and customs. The school is in the middle of the highest mountains in Guatemala, and I hear it is breathtaking. I know a few people who have gone to school there, and they say it is rustic and real. Here I go.

It´s not without reluctance, however. I have definitely gotten to a place of comfort in this city. At first, I felt jarred by the urban smells, congestion and busyness. Now, it feels like home. I have coffee shops and bookstores and friends and walks and I don´t completely feel like leaving. However, I know it´s time.

For me, this is turning out to be one of the hardest parts of this trip; I hate goodbyes. It´s always best to leave when things are good; the best comedy acts leave the stage while people are still laughing, after all. However, at this point, I have a great group to spend time with, people I really like and hope to see again. I told my family in the mountains and the one here in Xela that I will be back soon, but the truth is, I probably won´t.

Goodbyes have never made sense to me, which is why I still talk to all my friends from second grade. I just have a feeling we weren´t supposed to get rid of people in life; we should just continually enhance our collection. So, I´m still working on the Zen mindset. Wish me luck.

And the truth is, I am excited for what is to come. Goodbyes are hard, but the hellos around the corner make it all worth it.



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