School´s Out

5 07 2007

It´s summer! I´m done with school and I´m heading to the beach!

I essentially completed four weeks of school, as my trip to the doctor and subsequent recovery cost me some time and Spanish brain cells. I am rather glad for the break, as I am tired of trying to create stories filled with doubt and imperatives simply to use the subjunctive. I started to hit a wall with my last teacher; I felt like I was regressing linguistically and I didn´t want to hear one more story about the war or the fincas or anything political. I was over it.

He suggested we take a walk, and he said he had a bunch of questions for me that he had been storing up for awhile. Just when I thought there was absolutely nothing I wanted to discuss in Spanish, he began questioning me about life on the moon.

¨Now, the moon,¨he began, ¨Are Americans actually living there?¨Talking rapidly, he continued with his littany of wonderings, ¨Can we all move there? What about other planets? Now, extra-terrestials…what does that word mean, really? Tell me what you know about these creatures. What are they like?¨

As much as I wanted to laugh, he was so earnest and sincere that I instantly became the authority on life in outer space and other issues regarding our universe. He quizzed me on the possibilities of life on each planet and the different types of space stations America had created. Most of my answers stemmed from my fourth grade history/science class, but he looked entirely satisfied at the end. I guess news travels slow sometimes….I think he thought Buzz Aldren and company just returned last week.

As I head out, I realize that I will miss many things about Todos Santos, including the evangelical church that plays awful music loudly into the night, as someone shouts, not sings, some semblance of a song. The evangelicals seem to have a monopoly on sound systems in this country.

I´ll miss the grandfather at my house, who always wears a cowboy hat, and as it turns out, is rather deaf. I tried to have conversations with him time and again, but he never responded in words; he simply laughed and slapped my back fondly. I recently found one of the kids screaming good  morning to him. Ah…case closed. Still, despite our lack of verbal communication, I will miss those pats on the back.

My bag weighs about ten pounds more than it did when I arrived, which I´m guessing is a result of all the dirt and dampness my clothes have accumulated. I am downright dirty. Xela showers and laundry, here I come.

I´m not sure how to keep up my Spanish. I´ve been trying to read books I know really well in English…I started with ¨House on Mango Street¨and just worked on part of ¨A Diary of Anne Frank.¨ Still, I am going to have to search for friendly faces on the bus to keep me occupied. Wish me luck.



3 responses

9 07 2007
james conger

Your teacher reminded me a bit of some of my clients. Glad to hear you are doing well after your bout with Giardia, which I am curious how you got?
At any rate, my trial starts on July10th and should last at least a month. In other words, regretfully, I will have to see you where in a land where we are not nearly as impressed as we should be by travels to the moon.

Take Care and all the best in your remaining adventures. You are making me wish that I was traveling again, somthing I have not felt in a while…


10 07 2007

Juice, What a journal you’ve created. I am glad you are feeling better my friend. The best I can offer you of Bostonian goings-on are the likes of good-bye parties, yard sales and trips to the beach. Not so very exciting, but each enjoyable in its own way.

I hope you are able to shut off that brain for at least a day or two.
Here’s to you and to health.

11 07 2007
james conger


Zoubek is out 8 weeks with a broken foot. Should be ready for preseason though.

Thought you would like to know.

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