Easy Like Sunday Morning

21 07 2007

Well, all that talk about not being able to just vacation is out the window. After a few days of doing virtual nothing but relaxing and meeting slightly strange American yachters who wait out the hurricane season in Guatemala, I have fallen into the trap. The number of books I have read has doubled, no matter how often I wash my hair, it still feels dried out from the sun, and if you try and make me account for how I am spending my time, I don’t think I can fester up much of an answer.

I realize that all these facts make some of you very, very happy, given responses to my previous entry. Well, congrats. The purposeless life is winning.

But have no fear, I have devised a plan we can all live with. I have about one week left of travel, and frankly, I have a lot to process. In addition, I truly miss Spanish class. Let’s not forget to mention that I love snorkeling. Put those three together and what have you got? A week on the Bay Islands in Honduras. Mornings spent studying language, afternoons to study fish, and the rest is just for me. Thoughts and non-thoughts abound.

So, that’s the plan folks. I’m here on the islands, and am taking today and tomorrow to get to know the place and the creatures that surround it. I still have some leftover friends from Spanish school with me, but I expect them to move on in a few days, giving me some interesting alone time before I come back and face the likes of all of you.

Don’t be fooled-I am looking forward to my return. If it’s possible to say this and not sound too self-congratulatory, the length of my trip has been ideal. I’m about ready to get home to some hugs from friends, fresh salad, and my precious semi-colon. In that order. I may be a dorky English teacher, but I can rarely make the semi-colon work on these keyboards, and my writing just isn’t the same. Please, for me, go out and use a semi-colon today. It’s worth it.

As you can see, the sun is also affecting my sanity, and my Spanish is just strong enough to start interfering with my English. I am wandering the streets as a dehydrated, purposeless, can’t-speak-any-language-well, woman. Get ready to welcome me back with open arms.



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