28 10 2009

Bula, or Hello, from Fiji. We’ve been saying that word a lot, to each other and to our surroundings, as we look around and greet this time of travel. I think we’re sort of in shock that this trip is actually happening. We’re actually on the road, together.

Bula. Here we come.

Our first week away has been as much about  easing into the travel life as it has been about exploring. I think we picked the right place to do just that. Truth be told, we haven’t had a whole lot to do besides recover from jet lag, swim, snorkel and generally enjoy the paradise that is Fiji. We spent five blissful days in a bungalow on the beach and two nights in a mountain retreat. From this brief stint, we have decided that Fijians are remarkably gentle, humble and gracious, and the island of Fiji is a beautiful place to collect oneself for a week or two. I would compare it closely to Hawaii, and especially what I imagine Kauai to be. It’s all deep greens and light blues, with just about anything you could want from an island. Not too shabby.

My favorite day so far was Sunday, when we woke up early early and Sunny, in his newfound excitement for snorkeling, jumped out of bed and grabbed his flippers. I wasn’t too sure I felt like jumping in, but I hate the idea of one person swimming alone in the ocean, so I agreed to come along. It was worth it. The fish, to my surprise, were all waking up. Because fish are always in motion (they are, right?), I don’t think of them as having a daily routine. However, we got to see all the marine creatures out and about for what seemed like breakfast, as they munched on coral and hightailed it to the reef. They were so focused that that they didn’t seem to mind or notice us swimming in the middle of their schools. A few nibbled on my ankles, as if to say that everything was fair game this early in the morning.

After watching them wake up, we had our fruit-filled breakfast and decided to hike to the neighboring village to join the local Sunday church service.  We had heard the choir was something to see and hear, and so we went. It was worth the trip. The choir filled the building with belting voices in four part harmony, all a capella. The leader would sing the first few notes in each voice, and then they began. After several songs, we sat through about ninety minutes of prayer and what seemed to be a fire and brimstone-type sermon in Fijian, with a few English words thrown in, possibly for our benefit: “Glory of God!”; “Priestly Prayer!!”; and “Invisible!”

As Sunny is used to sitting through a Korean church that he doesn’t understand, he found the service entirely familiar. I, on the other hand, tried to make it a game to guess the moment when the pastor would go from whisper to shout. I usually lost. 

We’re off to New Zealand, to do a bit more moving and grooving, and to accumulate some stories to share. Until then, Bula to you.


We’re on our way!

21 10 2009

After much buildup, it’s time for us to start this journey. As I’ve agreed to share my life with Sunny, I also decided to share this blog with him. We’ll try to update about once a week as we head west around the globe. 

More soon!