Tourist Trap/Marriage Training

20 11 2009

It’s been over a week since I last posted here. After our last farmstay, we’ve been interacting with a different group of people in New Zealand…the tourists. We’ve met them on several different adventure activities, from kayaking to cruising to hiking. We haven’t done the adventure capital of the world kind of stuff that New Zealand is known for, mainly because I can’t figure out why the gorgeous scenery and stunning vistas should make me suddenly want to jump off a bridge or out of a plane.

Despite missing out on all the near-death experiences, we have managed to thoroughly explore the magical outdoor playground that is New Zealand. It’s truly beautiful, and we highly recommend it to each and every last one of you.

I’m also considering marketing a new version of adventure travel in New Zealand modeled after our experiences here: pre-marital travel courses.

Hear me out on this one. Stick a couple in a double kayak, order up a surprise torrential downpour and winds going at fifty knots, and you have what I might call a sink or swim situation.

There’s a saying that you experience four seasons during one day in New Zealand, and that seems to be true in our experience; we’ve gone from seventy degree weather to snow in less than a hour.

So take the aforementioned couple. Throw them on a multi-day hike in the mountains. Change the weather every hour, from bright, blistering sun to thick fog to snow. Tease them with avalanche warnings. Drain their water supply. Can you see it? It’s a reality show waiting to happen. Lights, camera, action.

Truth be told, we’ve had a pretty fun time navigating each situation together. It almost feels like our personalities are starting to meld into one larger self, and on some days, we wake up and unknowingly, we’ve flipped roles for the day. Just yesterday, for example, I (Jocelyn) spent the entire day craving meat pies, and Sunny insisted on setting the alarm clock an hour earlier than needed because he was worried about catching the bus on time. It was eerie.

We’re off to one more farmstay before we leave this country. We can’t believe it’s almost December, and our first month is already behind us. We’re missing all of you, so send any and all emails our way. We’d love to hear updates!



5 responses

25 11 2009
Katy Foster


I’m so happy to have this link and read your wonderful writing and to hear about your adventures. I miss you, but feel like I really know what’s going on with you right now. I look forward to hearing about more adventures.


26 11 2009
Anne Marie

Me too.



(Please note-I sent you MORE kisses and hugs. So there Ms. Foster.)

26 11 2009

I enjoyed your post–though it is a Freudian typo to write “martial” for “marital”?? Love Noona

27 11 2009

:). Good catch. It is telling that neither Sunny or I noticed that typo.

27 11 2009

:). Good catch. It is telling that neither Sunny nor I noticed that typo.

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