On Traveling Together…

5 03 2010

“Are you sure this is the right way?”
I ask, 
when I feel sure it’s not.
he nods.

And in the end, 
he’s almost always right.
But even when he’s not,

What’s the problem, anyway
with forty extra steps 
or an extra block or two?

No matter which way we head,
as long as we’re heading somewhere together,
might just be

the right way
to go.



2 responses

8 03 2010

I like you’re style.
The manner in which you walk (together)
Certainly more potent
Then the where
Or the how
Or the when you get there
Or if you do at all

8 03 2010

What a treasure this blog is! I read back to Christmas and want to read more, but the pictures keep distracting me. The Cape Town quotes and questions you documented bring up all of those questions I had when I was there. It saddens me to hear that the divide is still so stark between rich and poor…and it IS between rich and black… I remember the complexities of the relationships with Indian families and businesses there, too, although I think it was more in your face in Durban than I remember it being in Cape Town. Perhaps I was just not in Cape Town long enough. Guilt does stalk you when you are there – I can still call it up easily when I remember my visit, but I think it is more productive and you see more if you feel sad and then angry at the injustices. I know this trip will inspire and shape the rest of your life. Hugs to you both. Meg

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